There's no Reason to not Transition, Only Excuses

According to the data, there are 1.9 million people who identify themselves as transgender. Actually, there are more people to that number. Many people do not willing to admit the fact that they are tranny and refuse to transition with lots of reasons. However, the fact is that they are not reasons, they are excuses. The real reason you do not want to transition is maybe you can't accept yourself being a transgender or you haven't fully understand the concept of transgender. No matter what, it cannot change the fact that you are a transgender. Today, we are specially talk about the excuses transgender women make to avoid transitioning. Are you one of them?
Many people use these excuses to avoid transitioning, such as I'm too old to transition. I'm losing my hair. I will look awful as a woman. It is never too old to start transitioning. You do not know what you will look like after taking hormones and blockers for years. The hair would probably grow back once you start transitioning. These excuses are too untenable. Here are some other excuses most people make to avoid transitioning.

"I'm too tall". As everybody know, men usually are taller than women. If a woman is too tall. it will be a lot harder to show femininity. It is understandable that you want to be as feminine as possible if you are to transition. However, your height is not the reason to not transition, but an excuse. There are plenty of tall women who just started to transition. There is also an important fact that transitioning will shrink your height. Many examples have proved this fact. Plus, do not think of height as a disadvantage, but a merit. You can be a model if you want. Many tall transgender women think that they can't wear high heels as well. That is another misunderstanding. High heels can promote one's temperament. It is gorgeous to wear high heel no matter what height you are. In a word, do not let height influence your transitioning and dressing. You can be what you want to be and wear what you like.

"I'm too masculine". This is another excuse used most by many transgender women. Everyone who takes anti-androgens will lose muscle mass. Therefore, if you think you are too masculine to transition, you can give up that thought. You can try to do some yoga, or Pilates. This will make your muscles long and lean. Do yoga 30 minutes a time and three or four times a week. Keep doing it for a year or half a year. You will be amazed by the result. You can even start now no matter if you are to transition or not. You can have a trans dating. People always vary based on their genetics, but you can still influence this to some degree. Having a masculine body is the reason to not transition since you can change it. It is an excuse.