Issues Faced By LGBT Dating and Trans Dating Apps

With the advent of technology, means of communications have also improved to a greater extent. People have come together building new relationships worldwide. This has given a greater boost especially to minority communities, particularly LGBTQs and transgenders. Through online dating apps and websites, these people have managed to know each other despite the foundations of time and boundaries. Trans people can now conveniently look for people to date. Now, there are a number of popular dating apps dedicated solely to LGBTQ and transgender community. The same, however is prone to a number of issues. Some of them, to be specific.

Problem of catfishing and fraud is more significant in trans dating apps

These ts dating and LGBT dating apps provide a popular feature of exploring "transexuals near me" which lets you locate suitable matches for meet ups. The major problem often lies is risk of catfishing and fraud in such apps is more. People may impersonate as genuine and make you fall in their trap. Where you look for a serious or a long term relationship, then there are chances may trick you for short term pleasure, sex and leave you afterwards.

Dealing with a internet bullies and morons

There is no denying of the fact that you may never be able to get rid of trolls and bullies over the internet. These people have a purposeless life and just derive pleasure from "attempting" to shame others by usually making derogatory remarks. A lot of complaints also arise on various LGBT and TS dating apps regarding people making derogatory remarks. Especially in case of LGBTQ community, these remarks are often racist. Such profiles need to be blocked down with no provision of reviving their membership.

"Transphobic" allegations on a famous trangender dating app

There have been issues raised by users in regard to a certain best  LGBT dating apps, which had been pegged as Tinder for transgender people. Trans hookup was the prime focus. But the same was based to be transphobic and use of certain offensive vocabulary. Some of the users of this TS date app were raged over the use of the words like "shemale" and "sissyboy" claiming that the app is fertilizing the transgender community. Only that the response of the app developers appealed to deny the allegations and clarified that such classifications were used merely for SEO purpose to raise the popularity of their meet trans app on the search engines.

Issues with regard to including more communities

LGBTQ community is a lot vast with every person of the community having wide range of interests. One of the problems faced by most of the LGBT dating apps is lack of classification of sexual orientation. These apps need to be inclusive of ftm, trans wome, mtf, cis man, non binary, non conforming, queer and other types of transexual people. Users face issues in dealing with their interests and properly identifying their orientation. With more options given, it will facilitate users to have a better insight into their matches.