Transdr, a Real Transgender Dating App

 What is Transdr?

Transdr is one of the most popular LGBT dating apps. Here, you cannot only make friends, but find a date or find your love. This app is the right place that you are able to be in control of who contacts you and how they contact you. Transdr is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable place for all the transgender people and who are interested in ts dating. Nowadays, online dating is the most popular trend. The advent of online dating app has solved the problem of missing dating opportunities because people are busy working or living. While the ordinary online dating app can't satisfy the needs of transgender people. So this is where Transdr comes to play. The team of this app is aware of how hard to find a trans dating, so they try their efforts to make Transdr become the app which can find a suitable date for every transgender people without experiencing any trouble.

What Transdr offers?

Transdr is considered the most popular trans dating app to find the right person of your expectation. Unlike other ts dating app, Transdr has lots of real and active members. People here are open minded and ready to shatter the social norms. This is a community where you can connect with transgender people from all over the world. No matter if you are a transgender pursuing a right person for shemale dating or people who want to date with transgenders. This app has what you are looking for. The aim of Transdr is making it possible for you to achieve your desires about transgender dating. What's more, Transdr is not a simply small dating app for transgender people. It is an app devotes itself to the best transgender community where people can find the answers to their questions, make friends and get support.

How Transdr works?

This ts dating app aims to help you find partners who are flexible, open-minded and free spirit just like you. The designer of Transdr develops user-friendly interfaces for you to experience the journey of transgender dating through this app. The only thing you need to do is joining this community by signing up through your email address. And then you can start to create your profile, you will need all some details about your preferences about yourself and requirements of partners. After finishing this, you can browse profiles which contain their hobbies, interests and their expectation about dating partners. Besides, the system will provide you with some potential matches based on your profiles, you can swipe right to like or swipe left to pass. This process of finding a potential partner will be easy and convenient.


What Transdr is doing will set up apart from other transexual dating apps which most of them are being used to find a hookup or have fun. The creator of Transdr knows it can be difficult and dangerous for transgender people. However, most of the big and reputable dating sites don't allow transexual members, which do have done an awful job to transgender people. Transdr is going to help you start serious and long-term relationships and friendships.