Do You Really Know What is Transgender?

Everyone has heard of transgender, but few of them know the real meaning of it. First, transgender is a word used to describe people whose behaviors are incompatible with their gender. No one knows the clear reason of it. Everyone has a unique cause. Today, we will tell you more about transgender.

For an instance, a person who ia born to be man, but when he grows older, he feels that he is more like a woman than a man. His outside appearance cannot fully express his inside feelings. He can still live as a man, but he will always feel he is trapped and wavering between two genders. But none of them can fully be himself. There are many occasions that crossdressers are considered as transgenders, although in some cases they may really become one.

Many people use the word transgender to gather the certain kind of people together. They think this group of people are not conform with the standard of society. In other words, their behavior and appearance do not meet their gender.

Transgender women exist all along, despite this word may become more familiar in the past two decades. Some transgenders uses medical procedure to make them feel more of themselves. For example, transgender men may make their breasts grow by injections. Even some of them may change their gender upside down. Changing their penis to vagina. But not all of the transgenders choose this path. Some of them just leave it be the way it supposed to, and this do not make them more of a transgender. They are very flexible and humanized with their gender.

Another confusing thing is that how their lifestyle fit into the specific sexual orientation when it comes to transgender. Again, it’s up to themselves. Some of them are heterosexuality, some are homosexuality or double sexuality. But there is one thing for sure: being transgender is an issue with ones’ gender identity. Homosexuality is just an issue of sexual orientation. These are two different issues. Many transgenders who choose to change their gender will be more likely to be with someone who is his/her original gender. For example, a woman who has had transsexual operation is more likely to end up with a man. While for those who choose to live with their original gender, they are more likely to be in relationship with different gender.

As a group of people, transgenders are various from person to person. Everyone is one of their kind and is experiencing the world in different ways. Nowadays, we can notice the change of the public’s feeling towards transgender. There are even many app specially designed for them to meet with each other. It is very true that only birds of a feather can fully understand each other. There are more freedom and comprehension offered to transgender, but still many obstacles stand in the way, especially in those community where understanding the tolerant do not exist.